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New Year Greetings

Dear Everyone,
Do you ever get overload? I live in perpetual hope that I will manage to do all the things that I intend to do, but somehow never do. I would think this is everyone’s cry. However,it is important though that we never give up on whatever we see as our priorities.
There are lots of sayings that used to be common in everyday life, and there was one which simply said: ‘It’s never too late!
Life and faith require from us all that we live patiently, and persevere even when it seems that the going is difficult and discouraging. We do well to remember that.Scripture reminds us that we are ‘to run with patience the race set before us.’ It’s never to late…’
In wishing you all a rather belated Happy New Year, the thought in my mind is ‘don’t give up too easily.’
There are of course opportunities that we should seize and use, but there are also situations where perseverance and love matter most of all. It is likely to be a difficult year which challenges us.May we all have courage, with God’s help, to persevere.
Every blessing, David (Warden Prayer12)

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