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Easter Message.

Dear everyone,
Life is full of the unexpected and things rarely work out in the way that we intended! Things turn up ‘out of the blue’ that worry us: but in contrast, there are occasions when, as one writer put it, we are ‘surprised by Joy!’
This was the experience of Holy Week. There is the jubilation of Palm Sunday, the trial of Jesus, his agony of the Garden of Gethsemane, the sharing of a Last Supper together with his disciples and the climax of it all, the death of Jesus on The Cross on Good Friday. It seems to be the end of the story about someone who, on the one hand, was looked upon simply as a’ good man’ by some but recognised by others to be the son of God.
Was this the end of a tragic story?
The women approaching the tomb on the first Easter day were full of gloom and doubt. A sense of doom seemed to be the natural outcome of what had happened, but the message of the angel at the tomb assures them, ”He is not here, he is risen!”
The Good News of Easter is this. God works through the unexpected as well as what seems to be the predictable. The message of ‘Christ Risen’ is to fill us with hope: for in Him, ‘Love’s redeeming work is done.’
May we all know the risen power of Christ in our lives.
Every blessing, and –
A Very Happy Easter!
Pauline too sends her greetings to everyone.

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