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Summer letter

We have all been deeply shocked and horrified by what has happened in Norway, a tragic loss of life, mainly amongst young people, inflicted by someone with extremely right-wing political and possibly religious views.
‘ Zealots’ have always been around. There was even one, ‘Simon the Zealot,’ amongst the disciples of Jesus. They seek clear-cut answers, are ruthless, and innocent people suffer as a result.
We also have to remember however that there is probably a ‘zealous’ streak in all of us. We can all be in a hurry to see ‘the ideal’ come into being, and believe ‘the end justifies the means’, but we exist in a world where we have to co-operate with others – often with extremely different views. This is not always easy.
Even Jesus could not bring ‘the Kingdom of God’ into being by one fell swoop. He had to follow along the hard way, the way of The Cross.
In order to live in the world together I believe that we all have to aim towards the ideal of social cohesion. There are times when we make tremendous leaps forward in social progress but there are other times when we have to gently edge along in the right direction, simply by faith.
As well as remembering all who are suffering at this time, let us also remember all who are attracted to extreme fundamentalist groups, that they may be enlightened, and see the importance of holding balanced views.
PS. thanks again for all your prayer support during the last two months. I am making good progress.David.

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