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Dear everyone,
Two months ago I was in a very situation from what I am in today.
The experience of being in hospital for nearly a fortnight for major surgery, to say the least, gave me time to ‘reflect’ on the meaning of life, and to be thankful for such a lot of things.
First of all there is the dedication of all kinds of people in our hospitals who work for our healing. We have the doctors, the specialists,nurses and all the ancilliary staff. They are all ‘caring professions.’‘How thankful we are for all that they do.
Secondly, there are nearly always those who are far worse of than we are. They especially need our prayers. Many of them show great courage and cheerfulness in spite of great pain.
Thirdly, you cannot but feel deep concern for those there addicted to alcohol, smoking and other drugs. Many are quite young people, but they are seriously in danger of living a short life because of these addictions.

When major surgery is involved however, we all find ourselves asking the question, am I going to get through this? and do I have a belief that will ‘help me through’

Having a ‘faith to live by’ certainly helps, but it also raises the question for everyone ‘how does one use wisely the life that we have been given’, and what are the priorities in our lives?
Although we tend to avoid thinking about death, it is a realistic and sensible thing to do.Sometimes we need to.’Reflection’during times of crisis helps us to live sensibly. Thomas Ken wrote in one of his hymns that one should ‘live this day as if thy last.’
Jesus came that we might have’life in all its fullness.’ His teaching has two strands in it.’Life’ in the sense of full daily living, and ‘eternal life’ which has a timeless quality about it.
May ‘life in all its fullness’ be yours,

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