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Christmas letter

Dear Everyone,
Quite a few of you may well have known Bert Bissell. As leader of ‘Vicar Street Young Men’s Bible Class’ Bert had a tremendous spiritual influence on a great number of us. As teenagers many of us used to try and imitate the way that he spoke – much to the amusement of our friends!
In describing some special service of worship or a moving event, he often used to say ‘How wonderful,’ or ‘how marvellous’. He often spoke of ‘the wonderful guidance of God’, and everyone frequently heard words of encouragement he gave to all kinds of people.
What struck me the other day was this.
We were amused at the way in which Bert said ‘ how wonderful’, or ‘how marvellous;’ but when you think about it such use of language is worthy of imitation. We all need to look at life with a sense of ‘wonder’, and ‘marvel’. These are often qualities that children have – especially a natural sense of wonder.Some how there is always a danger of us losing it when we get older.
If we have lost a sense of wonder and expectancy the Christmas Season is the time to discover it again.
There is an ancient hymn hymn which begins with the words’ A Great and Mighty Wonder.’ It is a hymn all about the Birth of Jesus, The incarnation. God coming into human affairs as a ‘Babe in Bethlehem.’ An event which defies human description, but fills us with a sense of wonder and awe.
The ‘Spiritual’ must always have a sense of bringing us to the edge of ‘greater discoveries.’of faith.
So we sing, ‘O come all ye faithful, joyful and triumphant,’ because this reminds us of the great mysteries of our faith.
‘O come let us adore Him’ who is ‘ Christ the Lord.’
May you all have a blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year,
Pauline also joins me in sending her Greetings.
The Lord ‘Emmanuel’ be with us all.

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