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A Minor Miracle?

A minor miracle?
The Carol service for the emergency services in Nottinghamshire is always a major event in the life of the County. It is usually held at Southwell Minster. Members of the fire and ambulance services, the police, and the Lord Lieutenant take part, together with the support of some well-known choir, and the rousing music of the Nottinghamshire police band.
Again this Christmas,as a police chaplain, I was involved and after the service and refreshments, went to the vestry with the other clergy to disrobe.
Whilst there the Bishop of Sherwood started to whistle ‘Hark the Herald Angels sing.’ Without thinking about it, I joined in whistling with him!
It was the first time I had whistled for 25 years!
A quarter of a century ago whilst in the Shetland Islands, I had an accident with a car garage door. The weighted counterbalance spring broke and hit me in the face, badly cutting my lower lip and damaging my teeth. If the blow had been 3 inches higher it would have been fatal. For several weeks I was unable to preach, and I lost the ability to whistle altogether.
Now I can whistle again. A minor miracle?

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