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May letter

Dear everyone,

I’m not a great sports person but I do get hooked on snooker.

Some players are unequally matched. One romps ahead and wins; but there is always the player who is losing, but he perseveres. The leading scorer makes a mistake, often quite a trivial one, and the whole course of the game is changed; or maybe the loser sees that the only way forward requires some courageous stroke, a ‘long shot’ for instance, which succeeds and the loser, wins.

Some aspects of snooker spell out to me what life is about.

Sometimes we feel we are ’losing.’ Everything is going against us, nothing is ‘right’, we haven’t got as strong a grip on things as we used to have, others are getting on better than we are. We are tempted to ‘give up’. These are natural reactions which most of us from time to time experience.

Does prayer have a role to play in winning through?

We must never forget that as long as we are involved in human affairs and relationships, there is a way through to a ‘final result’. When we fail we need to start again-many, many, times; and continue to live our lives as fully as we can to ‘the glory of God’. Prayer, perseverance, persistence, and using the gifts we possess, all play their part.

Are we prepared, as it were, to ‘fight the good fight’, so that ‘in Christ’ we may win through, and eventually discover what scriptures describe as our ‘joy and eternal crown? ‘

Every blessing,


Many thanks to all who were able to reply recently, and gave guidance as to what information was accompanying this letter.

· Especially remembering all who are going through difficult times.

· Welcome to new readers.

· All good wishes- to friends known and unknown, D.

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