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July letter.

Dear everyone
‘The discovery of the Higgs ‘bosun’ particle’, writes Ian Sample ‘ranks as one of the most important scientific advances of the past hundred years. It proves there is an invisible energy field that pervades the vacuum of the known universe.’
Professor Peter Higgs formulated the existence of this new particle nearly fifty years ago. Now in his eighties this former professor of physics from Edinburgh University is very happy with the verification of his theory.
One of the tabloid newspapers last week was headed ‘Scientists prove the existence of ‘God’ particle.’ I misread the quotation marks, and read ‘scientists prove existence of God’ particle.’
This is far too complex a subject to study in detail here, but it does raise the question: do we think of God as being ‘over all’, or of God being ‘in all things?’
We believe that by His very nature God is both ‘above all and in all.’
A document of the early church called the Gospel of Thomas spoke of people finding God through Jesus in things around them, and records Jesus as saying ‘Raise the stone, and there you will find me; cleave the wood, and there I am.’
We may not think like physicists in terms of ‘particles’, but we certainly do think of God as showing something of his nature through individual things; shall we say, trees and flowers, and all forms of life.
The discoveries of modern science can fill us with an even deeper sense of wonder. May we all recognise that God is at work even in the smallest ‘particle’ that has been discovered.
We do live in an amazing and wonderful world.
Every blessing, David.
PS Thanks to all who were able to support the strawberry tea. We had apologies from my brother in New Zealand, and friends who live in St. Albans who were on holiday in Scotland!
The weather was atrocious but just over thirty of us ate strawberries in our house! Just over £130 was raised!.

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