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August Letter.

Dear everyone,
Many of us are deeply immersed in the Olympic Games just now, and there is great excitement when someone wins a gold, silver or bronze medal; but some of our heroes fail to win. We are sorry when they lose.
Some competitors however do seem to have too much build-up. This over-expectancy is crippling and destructive. The media, hungry for ‘hype’ and ‘heroes,’ has made failure even more disappointing.
There is the world of difference between supporting others, and creating an atmosphere of over-expectancy which does not allow for other factors to change the possibilities of success.
None of us can foretell the future for other people, whether it is with family or in the wider world events. We must also remember that the Olympics and life in general can bring us some pleasant surprises, where people ‘win’ against all odds- situations where we can be justly pleased.
My hope is that we will always give others support to reach their full potential, to ‘win-through’. Praying for others can be important too. We need to remember them in such a way that they may do well in ways that match their personalities, using the gifts that God has given.
Perhaps the most appropriate prayer that we can offer for them all is: ‘Lord, we pray for the success of others, that they may be fulfilled in ways that are appropriate to their ‘higher’ natural inclinations and interests.’
In the meantime, let us carry on enjoying the surprises of The Olympics, and admiring the skills of those who win.

Here in Britain, we are glad the GB team is doing so well.
Every blessing
PS. On a personal note, you will be pleased to know that everything has gone well for the first yearly checkups after my operation.

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