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September letter

Dear Everyone,
This summer we’ve had a relentless role of athletic activity with the Olympics followed by the Paralympic games. The first is an event where the world’s top athletes compete – men and women at the peak of body stamina and fitness. The Paralympic games are also about competition, but from a very different point of view. They are about people who have overcome many different kinds of disabilities, injuries and setbacks determined to do well and succeed.
The Paralympic sprinter Ben Rushgrove said “my philosophy is never to think what I can’t do- only what I can.” The Ben Rushgrove’s of this world are a reminder to us that we can all ‘hide’ behind what we feel we can’t do, and as a result miss out on any kind of personal fulfilment. These are our real role models and not world ‘celebs.’ What grief people find by trying to imitate false models of success.
One 1500 metres distance runner in the Paralympics, was a role model ‘supremo’. I cannot remember where he came from – one of the African countries I believe. He was of slight build, had lost one of his arms, and he completed the race seven minutes after everyone else.
As he trundled along the last stretch 80,000 people at the stadium moved with great emotion, gave him a tremendous heartfelt cheer as he crossed the finishing line. It was a moment never to be forgotten. This Paralympic experience reminds me of the words we find in one of our hymns by Charles Wesley which says.
‘O that each from His Lord,
May receive the glad word
Well and faithfully done.’

Ultimately, faithful living is not about the acclaim of the crowd, but receiving the ‘joy’ and acclamation of the Lord.
May everyone respond faithfully to their challenge. Life’s not about ‘competitive winning’, but ‘faithfully completing.’
May we have the wisdom and grace to live in this way.
Every blessing,

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