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November letter

Dear everyone,
I’m sure that all of us feel we are living in times of tremendous change, and we are often called upon to make decisions on all kinds of things that previously we would have taken for granted.
Yesterday for instance we were shopping in the supermarket, and needed cereals. There was a choice of over 30 articles all packaged differently. Then on the other side of the aisle another selection was headed ‘adult’ cereals. Even more choices to make!
However we always live in times of change. ‘Nothing ever stays still’ said the Greek philosopher. Everything is in a state of flux. The question is: how do we cope with it?
We have to try and keep abreast of things; but we also have say to ourselves, do we really value what we already possess, and do we appreciate the many choices that we are given?
We have to cultivate a sense of thankfulness for variety and choice. In a very practical way we can show this by saying ‘thank you’ to people in our families or community-friendship circles, and the hosts of people who help us and serve us in the wider society too. All bring variety and choice to our lives.
Perhaps then we can more naturally say ‘thank you’ to God for all the good things that we have received, and give more  support to those who needs are greater than our own.
In the business and bustle of ‘change’, let us be thankful for choice, and all who provide it.
Every blessing,
PS. If anyone locally would like to join us on the 11th, on Remembrance Sunday Evening,(6.30 pm) at Mapperley Methodist Church, and light a candle in memory of a loved one, please come, and let us know if you would like them remembered by name. Light refreshments will be served afterwards.

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