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Dear everyone,
Sometimes it seems almost impossible to ‘get going’. So many many things come along and interrupt us.
Life can be like that. We feel robbed of opportunities to ‘settle down’ to really what we want to do. When we feel the moment has arrived however to do the things we ought to do, we must seize it.
Interruptions might bring new openings, and opportunities can be ‘sent’ to help us to lead a fuller life. It is often difficult though to know the difference between a distraction and a new opportunity. May we have ‘the wisdom’ to know the difference, but if we are trying to live ‘by faith’ there are moments when we have to take risks and travel along unfamiliar paths.
Time will tell of course whether the decisions we make are the right ones, but we must always persevere to follow what Charles Wesley would call ‘ our providential way.’
As we remember friends going through difficult times, in health or in relationships, as well as those who are getting on well; my prayer is that we may all open ‘new doors’ in this New Year, as well as maintain many long-term friendships and opportunities.
May this New Year be one in which we all find strength and support on our journey.
Every blessing,
Mark Sevia moves to The Philippines later this week. Please remember him in your prayers as he begins this new venture.

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