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Dear everyone.
None of us are ‘the centre of the world.’ Yet we often live and think as if we are!
It not only applies to us as individuals, but as families, communities, religious and ethnic groups, and nations too.
This is a good starting point for us to begin thinking about Lent. Traditionally, after Shrove Tuesday or Pancake Day, we come to Ash Wednesday which is thought of as a day of penitence, and many people begin to deny themselves of all kinds of things, believing that in doing so they will enter into a deeper meaning ‘serving God.’
It is a good thing for us all to practice some kind of self-denial during this season, but at times something far trickier is required from us. Can we break ourselves of the habit of making ourselves ‘the centre of the world?’
This is far more difficult than we might imagine. It means listening carefully to what other people are saying, and not just wanting our own way. It means recognising the validity of other people’s point of view, and making allowances for what they are thinking and the way that they are living. Anything that we see that is good in others we should be encouraging, and not hastily condeming anything that is ‘foreign’ to us.
Paradoxically, although Jesus is at the centre of our faith he does not see himself as being at the centre of worldly power, as Satan tempts him to be.
In His greatness, he comes as a servant, and bears the burdens of others, and not to be the centre of attention.
The question is: are we willing to follow his example?
May His Peace be with us all.

PS. Welcome to all receiving this for the first time- and thanks again everyone for your concern about the scam about us supposedly ‘on holiday.’ D.

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