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Dear everyone,
This Easter message is being prepared during one of the worst snow-ups for 50 years. Last week was the beginning of Spring; but we have gone back to Winter instead!
In Nature things do not always progress automatically from one stage to another. In the seasons of many people’s lives too there are many periods when things do not go smoothly. Hardship and tragedy is the experience of many people as they move through their stages of life. During difficult times they need our support and prayers.
In this week, Holy Week, The triumph of Palm Sunday leads through to the humiliation of Good Friday and the glory of Easter Day.
Because of his divine calling, Jesus had to ‘face the music’, the forces of evil. He was put on trial, but no real case was made against him. He suffered insults, all the pain of a cruel death, and was crucified on a cross between two thieves.
Good Friday is central to our faith, because we believe that Jesus died ‘to make us good,’ He is the One through whom our sins are forgiven.
Just as ‘winter’ however eventually progresses through to ‘spring’ and regeneration, so Jesus passes through ‘death’ to ‘new life.’
The message of Easter Day, is Resurrection. ‘He is not here he is risen’ is the message that the women hear from the angels. We too are reminded that Christ’s death is not the end, but to those who believe in him it is the progression to a ‘new beginning,’ a new ‘spring.’ Jesus’ resurrection opens up another stage on the way to ‘eternal life.’
May we all find great joy and hope in this.
Pauline joins me too in wishing you all a very Happy Easter!
Every blessing,

PS .For anyone who is not a regular worshipper at any church, who lives in the vicinity, I am leading the Good Friday Service at 6.00pm at Mapperley Methodist Church, and the Easter Day Services at Sherwood M/c (8.00am Communion Service) and Calverton M/c (10.30 am. Holy Communion.)
It would be great to see you. D.

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March Letter

Dear Everyone.
Recently, the neighbourhood of our local Methodist Church, received publicity nationwide and beyond. A new Costa coffee bar was opened, and over 1700 people applied for the eight jobs that were going -three of them full-time and five part-time.
The employment situation is not one that we are happy about. There is a great deal of distress felt by all who are deprived of work, and sources of income to keep up a reasonable standard of living.
Employment problems, have existed for thousands of years. The Egyptians for example at the time of the Pharaohs, exploited cheap labour, and treated the ‘children of Israel’ as slaves.
Let us pray that there will soon be work for all, and that all workers will get a fair return for the work that they do.
However in the meantime, what should our attitude be if we are out of work, or feel that we no longer have a role to fulfil? This is a question that concerns have very wide number of people. It can be very demoralising. If we are in this situation is it possible for us to find a ‘vocation’ coming into our lives in a very different way?
We are at this moment in the middle of Lent, a season when our sense of ‘vocation’ or ‘calling’ is under scrutiny. Could it be that we need to discover again what it means to be ’employed by God.’?
This could apply to our lives in a tremendous variety of ways-the taking up of some task that no one else has noticed, or a voluntary role which is not easy to fulfil?
We might well be surprised if we take up a challenge. It may help us to relate usefully to people who are in some kind of need. A sense of fulfilment can come in the unlikeliest of situations!
Many blessings abound! Sincerely, David
PS. During Lent I keep a Lent ‘Blog.’ If anyone is interested, it can be seen at

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