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MAY Letter.

Dear everyone,
The shuttering of an empty shop in Nottingham has these words daubed on it. ‘Reality continues to ruin my life.’
What did the writer have in mind? Perhaps the shopkeeper had tried hard to build up a business in these times of severe recession. Maybe his product failed to match up to those of rivals in the neighbourhood, or family circumstances made it impossible to carry on.
Circumstances can make it very difficult to ‘get out of the slimy pit’ and the ‘miry clay’ as the Psalmist would say. Many on a downward ‘slippery-slope’ do find it very difficult to think positively and progressively.
However many situations that we think are hopeless do have possibilities for change. It may simply be that those suffering loss just now need others to be aware of their plight. Do we spend enough time talking to people who are struggling to exist? A listening ear linked with practical support can make a tremendous difference.
We need to give help and prayerful support to all kinds of people who are struggling at the present time. In the wider sphere for instance we remember at this week Christian Aid week- a straight forward way in which we can generously give.
These times of crisis and stress provide us with God-given opportunities to help. What we do may actually be the ‘reality’ that brings them relief. St. Paul said to the Galatians: ’do not grow wearing in doing good.’ May we also follow this advice in helping others.
Every blessing.
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