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August letter.

August letter.
Just now much of Nottingham is in turmoil. The station is closed for five weeks for modernisation. Passengers who normally travel by train, are travelling by bus to outlying stations, and many taxi drivers are having a difficult time finding places to pick up passengers.
The manager of the railway station has apologised publicly, and has assured people that changes will make a tremendous improvement, but says ‘there is no gain without pain.’ The alterations will make things so much better for our city and travellers through it.
‘There is no gain without pain,’ is a valuable catchphrase, and I wonder whether we see the significance of it in other walks of life?
There is a great deal wrong in modern society. Pollution of many different kinds is seriously damaging our environment and every form of life of within it. There is great inequality of wealth, and many totalitarian regimes exist which makes the lives of billions of people extremely fearful and miserable.
As individuals and as a world citizens we have to remember that there can be ‘no gain without pain,’ there can be no improvement without a willingness of all to make sacrifices for others. Are we prepared for example to live more sensitive lifestyles that are less wasteful and more considerate of the needy peoples of the world and even for human existence itself?
From a Christian viewpoint we wait for the kingdom of God to come, but it’s coming is not going to be easy. Jesus says it is going to be like the pangs of a new birth before new life can begin.
There is an urgent challenge to live in such a way that we have the well-being of ‘all people’ at heart.
May we all persevere happily and prayerfully striving for this ‘better way.’ Jesus calls us every time we pray the Lord’s Prayer, to work and pray that God’s kingdom will come on earth as it is in heaven.
With all good wishes,
sincerely, David

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