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September letter


Dear everyone,
One of our readers recently sent a quote from ‘The Times’ originating from a Church newsletter.
“Religion has generated not only great architecture and art, but a framework within which to eat, celebrate and grieve together. Its rituals are deliberately soothing. It offers a code of etiquette defining how to behave – something modern libertarians rail against…”
There is much in this quotation that rings true. We do need a framework in which to ‘eat, celebrate and grieve together’ and ‘rituals’ that are ‘deliberately soothing.’
‘Religion’ in spite of its abuse, does offer a ‘code of etiquette defining how to behave’. We ignore these codes of behaviour, built up over many centuries, at our peril.
This does not mean however that life patterns always have to stay the same. Our environment, and rapid changes taking place in society frequently compel us to revise the way we view life, especially when we carefully consider what ‘loving and caring for others’ is all about. Even ancient practices, based on limited understandings of life and health have to be challenged and changed.
On the other hand, ‘modern libertarians’ have frequently lost the plot. Only time will tell, of course, but ultimately we believe they give an unsatisfactory answer to what life is all about.
The prophet Micah (6vs8) says:
’What does the Lord require of you? Do justly, love kindness, and walk humbly with your God.’
The prophet’s ‘code’, might well provide a common framework for people of many different outlooks to follow.
Greetings to all. Sincerely,

PS. Thanks for all greetings and comments. I’m sure that we all continue to remember Syria and the whole crisis in the ‘Middle East’ in our prayers at the present time.

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