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Christmas Letter

Dear everyone,
What is your earliest experience of Christmas?
Mine is going to bed on Christmas Eve, dropping off to sleep very quickly, waking up very early, and feeling down the bottom of the bed to find out whether Father Christmas had filled my stocking!
Usually there was an apple, an orange, a selection of unshelled nuts and neatly wrapped little presents- not fully recognised until the full break of day. A larger sized present might be waiting down-stairs.
The Christmas cake, the pudding, a large chicken, crackers, a trifle, the Christmas tree, the room decorations together with holly and ivy -all added to the excitement.
Many of these things still play a very large part in our celebration of Christmas, but how important it is to keep a sense of wonder with it all!
An ancient Carol begins with the words ‘A Great and Mighty Wonder.’ That’s just what Christmas is, however we celebrate it. The birth of Jesus is at the centre- for in the coming of Jesus we believe that God brings hope to a world that struggles to find it.
Whatever outlook we have on life, may we never lose this child-like quality. Even although we have to grow up and mature, ‘wonder’ should still remain a quality that we preserve, value, and ‘hold on’ to.
Wishing you all a Peaceful Christmas, and a Happy New Year.
Every blessing,

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