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New Year Letter

Dear Everyone,
A New Year hymn begins: ‘Come let us anew our journey pursue.’
The New Year for many is not so much about making new resolutions but simply resolving to ‘do things better’ the next time.
However there may be some key points where things need altering because of changing circumstances in our lives, or those closest to us. This includes such things as leaving home for the first time, going away to work or study, entering into a new relationship, getting married, the arrival of children, children leaving home, economic difficulties, unemployment, retirement, bereavement, or reaching a ‘significant age’ when we have to remember that our life-spans do not go on indefinitely! All these things need careful thought.
Prayer, contemplation and reflection may all have an important part to play. We often need to share our concerns with friends, and there is the need to be life-long learners too.
We also have to bear in mind however that our lives are not self-contained. We are not the centre of the world and we have a great responsibility towards all other people within it. In the Bible we are reminded that after worshipping God, loving our neighbours is as important as our own well-being!
I would like to wish everyone ‘a good year ahead’ as we continue ‘anew’ life’s journey in 2014.
Every blessing,

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