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February Letter.

Dear everyone.

To the best of my knowledge, it’s the first time I’ve written this monthly newsletter on Pancake Day. About an hour or so ago Pauline and I made and enjoyed eating our pancakes. It’s a bit of a joint effort really: Pauline putting all the ingredients together and putting the contents in the frying pan. I take a hand thoroughly beating the batter, and then occasionally trying to toss them. It’s only very rarely that I succeed!

Traditionally, Pancake Day is a day of preparation for Lent.

We frequently think of Lent as a time when we examine ourselves as individuals before God- like Jesus himself who spent forty days in the wilderness being tested and ‘tried out’. Very few of us venture into a ‘wilderness’ experience in the way that he did, but we do make some attempt to recognise the importance of ‘giving more time to God’ at this time of the year

Pancake Day however also reminds us that Lent his something that we take part in corporately, together with other people who serve God in the name of Jesus. Through doing this we believe that we can discover some ways in which our lives can be better fitted in service for the kingdom of God.

May everyone of us find ourselves better fitted to serve God, and serve others.

Every blessing,


PS. It’s come as a bit of a bombshell, completely out of the blue, but a week last Sunday, Pauline had a small stoke, and spent three days in hospital. Her speech is now much better,she is resting well and making good progress. We would value your prayerful support at this time.

Dear everyone.
At the present time I need to ‘de-clutter.’ I have accumulated such a large number of magazines, books, notes and jottings making it difficult to find things essentially needed to do things I really feel I ought to do.
One thing I did manage to do however was to dispose of about 30 years of sermon notes! Would posterity have made any use of them? I don’t think so- firstly because it is doubtful whether other people would be able to read my writing, and secondly it is questionable whether many would be relevant to preaching today.
There was a sense of relief at letting them go.
Nevertheless there are still prayers that have been written, and detailed diaries covering such a tremendous variety of experiences both of Ministry and many other things we have shared together. There is still however a great deal of other material that ought to be discarded.
Getting rid of ‘baggage’ is important. To do so gives us more freedom. Our life pilgrimage is likened by St Paul to a race where we need to cast on one side every unnecessary load.
Are we continuing to learn how to travel lightly?
This includes dropping the baggage of resentments of whatever kind these might be because there is always so much more to be thankful for. It seems to me that true wisdom begins here for all of us, at whatever age we may be.
Every blessing- especially to all who are finding themselves in any kind of distress due to the weather.
Sincerely David
PS. Just before Christmas the University of Nottingham Theology Department asked me to do an informal talk on ’Why study Methodist spirituality? If you would like to see it please visit Why study Methodist Spirituality  on my blog roll. or click


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