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April letter

Dear Everyone
Sadly, Pauline died in hospital yesterday. Thankfully most of us were able to be with her within minutes of the hospital call. Fortunately, she did not have a great deal of pain, and the gravity of her illness behind her strokes had only been known for a short time, but it has all happened so quickly.
Because of her advanced state of illness, I naturally made other arrangements for any fixed engagements so that I could be with her whenever the moment of greatest need might be, so this year for the first time in the whole of my ministry of over fifty years I will not be presiding at any of the Easter Day communion Services. Pauline was always present in the congregation with me at the early morning service.
I shall miss leading the declaration at the beginning of the Easter Day Service where the preacher says ‘The Lord is Risen’ and the congregation replies ‘He is risen indeed!’
On the other hand, how important the words of the Easter Promise are in themselves whoever says them! Jesus in his risen power says to all who simply trust in Him, and are in special need,’ Because I live, you will live also.’
We find great comfort and support in these words.
Thank you for remembering us in your thoughts and prayers. It is deeply appreciated.
In the mean-time I’m sure my family too will also share with me in wishing you a time of meaningful meditation on Good Friday, and a very Happy Easter.
With every blessing,
Yours sincerely,
We will let you know when further details are known.D. Please see blog notices.

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