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June letter

June letter.
Dear everyone,
Hospitals have changed tremendously in recent years. This came over strongly when preparing these notes whilst in hospital last week. When you see the doctors, nurses, administrators and all those who have specialist roles to look after us, you couldn’t find a more cosmopolitan group of people anywhere in the world!
In contrast, many hospital patients have lived in the Nottingham area all their lives. A number of the conversations however apart from those naturally wanting to talk about their illnesses, were about their concerns over changes that were taking place in our society. Particularly strong views were expressed by those feeling threatened by what they saw as a loss of ‘British’ identity.
There is one thing certain however: we cannot go back to where we were! Today we live in what Marshall Mcluhan was fond of calling a ‘global village.’ The digital age makes the world even more so. The question is not ‘how do we preserve our identity’ but ‘how do we build a new one.’
This is the great challenge. In a rapidly changing world, we cannot live in our own little corners. We all have our part to play in the ‘global community’ to see that justice, kindness and compassion is shown to all.
The parable of the good Samaritan that Jesus told, dwelt on this very important point, and it is good for us all to remember this!
With all good wishes, and every blessing,
PS.Thanks to all who have given such great support during the last three months. It is deeply appreciated. You will be pleased to know that the surgery on my bladder last Tuesday was successful and that I am making good recovery. Kind regards D.

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