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July letter

Dear Everyone,
Last week Nottingham was a different city. The test match was on against India. Although England didn’t win, a remarkable achievement took place. The two closing batsmen achieved an all-time record score in their partnership of 198 runs, and it was achieved by two batsmen who were rather an unusual combination. One was a good run scorer, but the other was a fast bowler and not a run maker at all! Previously around 30 runs was the highest score he had made in professional cricket.This time he scored 81 runs!
I thought this was wonderful story, and a reminder to us how sometimes unexpected people can achieve great things in unexpected ways. It was the case of a good batsmen having someone at the ‘other end’ who first of all was ‘simply there.’ However in the circumstances the ‘inferior’ batsmen was stimulated to achieve extraordinary results.
Most of us look the world almost in despair and think that the world’s problems are so vast and insurmountable. However let us not look on in exasperation. Although there are many things that are deeply worrying in the world let us not rule out the possibility that we all may have some significant part to play in seeing the world changed, even although we feel our role in it is not a brilliant one.
We need to pray for good leaders in the world. Once we spot these people we must give them all the support that we can with our prayers and in practical ways as well, wherever we can. In this way we can ‘play alongside’ those who have the ability to do great things. Through their care for humanity they can achieve those things which we often describe as ‘working for the kingdom of God,’ and we too can play an effective part
All good wishes and every blessing,
PS.Thank you all for your continued support. It means a great deal to me at this time.D.

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