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September letter

September letter.

A church in Derby had a word ‘pun’ on its church notice board which read as follows. “So(u)l(e)s are hee(a)led here.’ It was a clumsy pun really, but it was trying to make an important point. Part of the mission of the Christian church is to bring healing into people’s lives, just like cobblers (used to) repair shoes.

Jesus saw the importance of the dignity that men and women should find in their lives. Yes, we are sinners, we all have faults and shortcomings; but the work of Jesus was also about restoring men and women to what God wanted them to be. Jesus was also seen as the gentle healer. ‘The bruised reed he will not break’ says one verse of Scripture. He came to ‘bind up’ the broken hearted, and to release people from things that keep them back.

If we are his followers this is our work too. A twitter- quip recently said: ‘never look down on anybody unless you’re helping them Up.’ That’s how it should be.

Modern commerce works on the principle that we live in a ‘throw away’ society; that when things are broken, we simply buy a new product. Many people feel that their lives are like that too; that they have been discarded and looked upon as being useless. Part of our task is to help repair broken situations.

The Good News is that if we truly follow Jesus Christ. We are sharing in this transforming work. May we all explore carefully ways in which we can carry out our task, our calling. We might even be doing His work without knowing it!

With all good wishes, and every blessing,


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