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October letter

A keen cyclist recently twittered: ‘if you want to keep your balance on a cycle, you need to go forward.’ When you apply this to life as a whole, it is a profound remark.

Balance is an extremely important thing. There has to be some kind of balance in everything that we do. Sometimes there is lots of talk and no action. How easy it is when this happens to lose any real sense of balance. Without action so many of our theories about how we should live become irrelevant, because they have never been tested.

There are times when we feel in the doldrums. There is no wind in our sails. This often happens in times of stress and trauma. It may take some time to get a sense of balance and forwardness going again.

There is however a kind of healing in ‘getting the balance right’ as we start going forward. I’m reminded of the words of Jesus where he says to the man who is sick, waiting at the Pool of Bethesda for a chance to be healed: ‘take up your bed and walk.’ Although Jesus gives the command, the healing action has to be performed by the man himself.

Sometimes for all of us, healing comes as we go forward in faith. We too, need to take up our beds( or mattresses!) and start going forward. Getting the ‘balance right’ or ‘healing’ cannot be separated from the action of actually making a move forward ourselves.

May we all go forward ‘in faith’ whatever our outlook may be. There is that idealistic opportunity or practical task that we feel we ought to venture into. Seize the moment, and in working a new venture out, may we find blessings that will bring a sense of wholeness to us all.

Every blessing,



PS Thanks for all enquiries about my ‘well being.’ the going is still raw and slow at times, but the results of my surgery check up are very good, and I don’t have to go again to hospital for six months.D

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