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Christmas & New Year

Christmas and New Year letter.

Dear everyone,

After taking the Christingle service at my local Methodist Church, someone  said , ‘that’s a service for children isn’t it?’ Yes,originally it was, and it is very popular even among children today.

The service I took on Monday afternoon however everyone was much older: at least in the 65 to 95 age range, but everyone received a Christingle- consisting of an orange with a red band around it, a candle  representing Christ as the light of the world placed on the top of the orange, and small bits of fruit on sticks inserted into the orange representing ‘the fruits of the earth.’

After the candles were lit and at the close of our time of worship, I had to say ‘Go, in the power of The Spirit to bring light to others,’ then we all closed with the words, ‘praise to Christ our light!

These closing words are rich with symbolism. All of us of whatever age we are, should ‘go out’ into the world ‘in the power of The Spirit to bring light to others.’ As Christians we do so, because ‘Christ is our light’, and we believe that Jesus is ‘the light of the world.’

Whatever our outlook may be,  May we know the peace of Christ, in a world desperately needing to shake off ‘darkness’, and live in the light that God intended us all to share in.

Two lines from one of Charles Wesley carols sums it up well, when it says, ‘life and light to all  He brings, risen with healing in his wings.’

Let us pray that all may have ‘light and life’ this Christmas time.

Wishing you all a peaceful and blessed Christmas, and a Happy New Year.



  1. Thank you for all the prayerful and practical support so many have given me during the last nine months. It has been deeply appreciated.D.




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