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(Mid)January letter

(Mid) January letter.
Dear Everyone.
This time of the year for many is notoriously ‘heavy going.’
The coldness, the dark nights, and generally miserable weather can make people feel ill, and even depressed, so it is understandable that people do many different things to liven up their winter months.
Outside the Manse where we lived in when in Shetland, was the starting point for the ‘Up helly Aa’ Viking Festival. It was a marvellous sight to see up to 900 men in procession with large burning torches, marching to a special place where the replica of a Viking boat was set alight by their torches. The blaze lit up the dark winter night. Every year it comes as a welcome and entertaining break in the dark winter months and is a symbol to remind people there that after the winter solstice, lighter days cannot be far behind.
However there are many different kinds of things that help us to cope with the hardness of the winter season. Observation of the natural world can be a great source of help and encouragement. It is really marvellous, for instance, to see in our gardens, buds are already appearing on the bushes, and bulbs are starting to push their shoots through the ground even when the cold and darkness are at their worst.
It is helpful for us all to remember, that when we are going through cold, dark and difficult days, growth and change is already starting to take place, and as we go forward in faith we discover that these things remind us that the hope of brighter days ahead can certainly help us along our way!
Every blessing,
(with apologies for the delay-D.)

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