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April letter

Dear everyone
Last week I returned from New Zealand where my brother Bruce has lived for the last 40 years. My sister Esmée and I made the journey together, and it was the first time that I had visited my brother there; although he has been to see us a few times- even when we were in the Shetland Islands. Needless to say there was a tremendous amount of reminiscing between the three of us- much of it covering more than 60 years!
We also saw much beautiful countryside, visited Maori townships, places of historic interest and enjoyed some warm weather. Returning home via Birmingham airport, the first thing I did was put my anorak on!
It has taken quite a few days to get back into things again, and I find myself and my family facing the first anniversary of Pauline’s death on the 5th of April. As you can imagine the sense of loss is still strongly with us.
This year the 5th happens to be Easter Sunday. It is the day on which we celebrate the victory of Jesus over death. We must never forget this, and live with the joy and the positive attitude that the first Easter Day brought to the first disciples. It is for us to share in too.
A hymn of Brian Wren reads: ‘Christ is alive! No longer bound to distant years in Palestine, but saving, healing, here and now, and touching every place and time.’
The Easter message is one of hope for all. As we do our best to follow Jesus’ example in all things, may we take the Spirit of the risen Christ with us into situations both of sorrow and of joy.
Easter blessings be yours,
Sincerely, David.

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