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May letter

May letter.
Dear everyone.
Monday is traditionally ‘washday’. We might look upon it as a chore and a burden, but it does have some positive advantages. It gives shape to the first working day of the week and adds to the variety of things we do. It may well give exercise to muscles that do not get used in a computer TV age as often as they should!
We need to remember that it doesn’t necessarily have to be a nice day to get the quickest drying results. It can be bitterly cold for instance, but a good breeze rapidly blows things dry.
Life can be like that. We can have difficult days and times, but we don’t always have to wait for perfect conditions to get on with the task in front of us. Just as St Paul says we must ‘preach the word in season and out of season’, so we must be prepared to do vital things that are pressing to be done at the earliest viable moment. To delay may mean they will never get done!
We all face dilemmas, but the question is: when we get clues given to us, even hunches that certain things need to be done, do we carefully follow the leading of the spirit that leads us along this way? From a Christian point of view we would say that ‘we seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit.’
My hope is that we all learn how to be sensitive in taking on board all of the factors that make for good decisions in our lives which are not just for our own benefit, but even more especially for the good and well-being of others.
Every blessing,
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