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July letter

Dear everyone
When people say ‘how are you getting on?’, My answer often is ‘I’m nibbling along fine thanks!’
It’s a phrase I use to describe how I feel at the moment, in a time of great adjustment. The advice that people give us at such times is ‘take a day at a time.’ There is something biblically important about this advice too. Even in the Lord’s prayer we are to pray ‘give us this day our daily bread.’ All of us need to remember daily our dependence upon God, and ‘nibbling’ implies taking things step by step, bit by bit, especially as we learn how to cope.
However ‘nibbling’ also reminds me of guinea pigs, always nibbling!
Likening human beings to guinea pigs however needs to be taken with a certain amount of caution. I do not like the idea of these creatures being used for experimental purposes, especially when used to test out cosmetics.
However there is a sense in which our lives are to be used to ‘test things out’. ‘Nothing ventured, nothing gained,’ so the saying goes. We can’t just play safe all the time. There has to be an element of faith in all of us. Not all things we do will be successful, but at least we can learn a great deal from venturing out into the unknown, and frequently find great enrichment as a result of this
Ventures in faith can help to make the world a better place, but they require us to learn how to boldly go out into the future, in order to find new openings and create peaceful bonds of friendship for humankind.
In the best sense of the word: are we prepared to pioneer in our lives and be ‘guinea pigs?’
With all good wishes for the holiday season,
PS Thanks to all who were able to support the ‘Tea’ yesterday. The weather was kind to us, and we were able to enjoy the garden. Over 50 friends were able to be present, and to date £344 has been contributed towards the Nottinghamshire Hospice and the Maggie Centre.

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