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August letter

Dear everyone.
Bailey Matthews aged eight , a lad with cerebral palsy, recently took part in a triathlon at Castle Howard. Accompanied by his father, many of us saw him cycling, swimming and then walking unaided except for his frame, as quickly as he could, to the finishing post.
As he nears the end of the course however he leaves his frame behind and starts running toward the final goal. He falls three times in the last few yards, but just shortly before the finishing line he gets on his feet again and crosses it.
As he does so there is a wonderful of a sense of achievement on his face, and a great crowd of well-wishers are highly delighted to see him finish.
I’m sure that we are all deeply moved when we see people facing challenges like this, but we too can be involved facing challenges in our own lives. Not as spectacular perhaps as in this boys case but certainly making demands on our persistence and perseverance. We often call it ‘life’s journey’,or ‘life’s pilgrimage.’ Let’s face it, we too may often fail and fall. How important it is to get up again, and persevere.
We will make our journeys in many different ways, but for many of us there is a sense in which through prayer we may feel that God is accompanying us, almost like Baileys father accompanied him along the way. Whatever form our ‘spiritual support’ may take, may all of us find a true sense of encouragement and support in the challenges that life presents.
Every blessing,

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