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September letter.

Dear everyone.

An issue that is concerning as all at the present time is the migration of large numbers of people into Western Europe.Many feel that there is a great danger of loosing our historic identities.
This kind of movement of people has gone on from time immemorial. In The Bible, we discover that the Jews themselves ‘wandered in the wilderness for 40 years’,before entering the promised land’.
As a result of this, in the Jewish land laws,a great emphasis was put upon generosity towards those who were ‘strangers in their midst.’ In some places it is suggested that by giving hospitality to the stranger, in other words to the incomer, you are ‘entertaining Angels unawares.’
So many of us are very fortunate. We haven’t got a clue what persecution, oppression and poverty are all about.
One thing is certain. A country that accepts the  distressed from other places, in the long run, is enriched by those who bring with them their talents,their gifts and their enthusiasm.
We all need enrichment from people who are very different from ourselves.this not only includes migrants, but the needy who have always been around us in our country as well.
In a strange sort of way, we discover that any act of generosity and hospitality opens doors,and makes our lives much larger. I am reminded of the words of Jesus where he says: ‘whoever loses his life for my sake will find it.’
The circumstances under which Jesus uses these words was rather different, but at every stage in his Ministry he stressed the importance of generosity and love to all in need.
May the countries of Western Europe act responsibly and generously to those in such a desperate plight, and may this be our personal attitude too.

With every blessing,


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