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October letter

Dear everyone,
‘Anxiety’ is a state, you could almost say a disease, that affects us all at some point in our lives.
It’s amazing how even the smallest things can niggle and unsettle us, and some very important decisions we can accept with a single nod. It is important however that we do not let anxieties get us down.
Modern day life puts a lot of pressure on us all that our ancestors never knew. The digital age for instance can submerge us, if we’re not careful, with its massive information overload.
However anxiety is not a new phenomenon. Jesus had a word for the anxious who lived in his day. ‘Take no thought for tomorrow what you shall eat, what you shall drink, or what to wear…… but seek first the kingdom of God….. And all these things will be added unto you.’
There is a message here for all of us who live in a consumer society.We all need to ask ourselves,do we seek to live by ‘kingdom of God values’ or by various forms of self indulgence?We all need to get our priorities right, and when we do this it is more than likely that many of our anxieties will be seen in their proper proportions.
We may well find afterwards that we have more time to say a prayer for those who are going through extremely anxious times, and support some cause that will alleviate their sufferings and anxieties.

With every blessing and with all good wishes,



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