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Dear everyone,
The carol ‘Silent night,’ in describing the Nativity scene reads ‘Mary and Joseph in stable bare, watch o’er the child beloved and fair.’
In the birth stories, recorded in St Matthew and St.Luke’s gospels there are many fascinating details of the birth of Jesus, but apart from the visit of the three wise men who bring gifts of gold frankincense and myrrh, from a human point of view, the background to the story is very down to earth and basic, and there is no hint of the splendour that would surround the birth of a child belonging to nobility or royal birth.
We have an innkeeper unable to provide hospitality to a woman expecting a baby, and when the child is born, a manger has to act as a crib or cot. Such a lot seems makeshift and temporary. It is the shepherds watching over their flocks of sheep in the night who get the message- from an angel and not from the people thought to be of real significance.
But there is joy in the hearts of Mary and Joseph even in this basic simplicity. Before long the good news of Jesus’ arrival brings joy to friends, relations, and others who have waited patiently for the coming of the Christ-child.
This raises the question: what brings happiness to human beings. Can the feel-good factor ever be measured in materialistic terms? It is very doubtful. This is not to justify any way the fact that there is war, poverty, disease, and malnourishment which make many people’s lives a misery. We must all strive for better conditions for everyone who lives in the world; but happiness and joy can be found where there is a common aim and sharing, alongside good loving relationships.
Christ’s coming into the world we believe is about God’s love coming into the world as well.
Whatever your outlook may be, may this be a season where good intentions towards all kinds of people will become part of our daily living. This is the only way in which people of different outlooks can live peacefully together. May we all pray earnestly for peace at this time, and seek after real ‘feel good’ factors, where there is a real sharing out of wealth, and concern for the whole of mankind.
May this Christmas season bring Joy to all, and may the New Year bring fulfilment in those things that matter most!
Every blessing, David.

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