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January letter

Dear everyone,
Here in England, it’s been a hard sort of winter in a strange sort of way, wet, damp and dismal, but not very cold. The weather forecasters say that ‘gritters’ might well be out on the roads soon – for the first time this year.
January is not an easy to make resolutions. Festivities of the Christmas season leave most of us a little jaded, rather unwilling to get ‘keyed up’ for action. Sometimes we wish we had a better base from which to start. If only we had better skills, gifts and qualifications, more time and energy, how much more we might be able to do!
West Point, the training academy for aspiring army officers in the United States, is regarded by many as one of the most formidable educational institutions in the world. Candidates haves a tough training, and the tests, plus other ingredients of talent, are likely to predict the success of those who apply.
However 12 years ago a psychologist introduced what was called a ‘grit’ rating test. It consisted of 12 questions or statements, which expressed how much grit and determination the candidates possessed when facing difficulties. It has produced significant results.
Jesus described those who follow him as ‘the salt of the earth’ in other words ‘gritty people’ who are intent on doing what is right even in difficult and dangerous circumstances.
The question we have to ask ourselves is this. Is there enough grit- ‘salt’ in our make-up. Do we have the determination to persevere when things are difficult. Whatever resolutions we make at the beginning of the year will be useless if we do not have stickability. Jesus himself certainly possessed this quality. His ‘grit’, his perseverance, led to The Cross.
The challenges before us will not be as significant as what He faced, but let us pray that we may be people who possess ‘gentle grit’, so that we may accomplish good things that we intend to do-even if some of them might need to be adapted to changing situations.
May this New Year be one in which we make considerable progress in our good intentions!
Every blessing,

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