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February letter

Dear everyone,

Sometime soon, I shall have to do something that I’m not looking forward to doing. I will have to buy a new laptop, or at the very least move over to using a different system.

This is going to take quite a lot of getting used to, both in time, mental energy and a feeling of uncertainty as the process takes place, but it is something that just has to be done.

I have always been a great believer in lifelong learning. It is one of those things that I believe is a must for followers of Jesus; but  most of us  like to learn new things that is a form of building on patterns and experiences we already follow. It comes as a shock when we have to undo things  that we have done in a different way over many years. However we are guaranteed that if we make the change we will benefit tremendously from it.

Life calls upon us to be bold when it is time to make changes. We are not far away from Lent-a time for personal reflection. During this time what are the things that we must change that will make us better equipped to serve God and humanity better than we’ve ever done before.

Change may be hard work.  The challenge will be different for everyone of us. If there are some areas where,it seems, we have to start all over again, may we be willing to accept the challenges.

Every blessing,



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