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March Letter

Easter letter.
Dear everyone.
Life has to be kept in balance. If we try and do too much we can easily upset the whole balance. Life is not a matter of working hard all the time. There used to be an old saying ‘all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.’ However overwork creates more than dullness. It is destructive. We all need rest times and a day of rest. The book of Genesis suggests that even God needs a day of rest too!
However Sunday, a traditional religious and practical rest day, has another thought behind it. In the Christian setting it is known as the Day of Resurrection. It is known to us as the day when Christ is raised to everlasting life. On Easter Sunday, especially ,worshippers sing ‘Christ the Lord is risen today. Hallelujah!
None of us can work continually. If we try we soon suffer from burnout which can easily lead to depression-even despair. We all need leisure activities, hobbies, and all kinds of things that we enjoy. They can all be included under the heading of rest, but they can also bring us to life again in the tasks that we are appointed to do.
May we all have a very happy Easter and enjoy some leisure time as well!
Every blessing,
Sincerely, David

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