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April letter

April letter.
Dear everyone.
As predicted, the changeover to a new laptop and Windows 10 was not easy. It has been very slow work to get back to a routine again-hence the great delay in this letter.
Unexpected problems and distractions can be very wearing, and often create in us an anxious state of mind, but they often remind us that life for us all has to be taken one day at a time.
When Jesus, in the Lord’s prayer says ‘Give us this day our daily bread,’ he is saying something more profound than asking God to give us food for our bodies to keep going, although that is part of the meaning as well. These words are also reminding us that we need fresh resources every day to motivate us through the tasks that need to be done.
Sometimes however even distractions can be inspirational and help us along our way.
Although I’m not very fond of grey squirrels, this morning I found myself captivated by watching one building a drey high up in a tree in my garden. Seven or eight times he came down into the garden to collect more leaves and small sticks which he carried in his mouth. He dashed up one smaller tree and then jumped across to another, holding onto the slenderest of branches, but holding onto the sticks and branches to in his mouth, eventually reaching the rather untidy drey that was being built. Lots of determination, energy, skill,’swingability’ and accuracy were displayed in every one of his journeys.
We never know what kinds of things come along to inspire us, but we may see even in distractions examples which will help us to persevere with the tasks that we feel called upon to do.
Every blessing, David

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