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June letter

Dear everyone.
Last weekend, when travelling by train to North Wales, I found myself in a reserved seat sitting amongst a group of young men who had been students together at University. They were on their way to a race meeting at Chester. Apparently every half-year they meet up to spend a day at the races. They were full of enthusiasm, but in no way exclusive in their conversation.
They made me completely at home in their company. They offered me bottled beer, and salted peanuts. I politely declined the beer, and showed them a hip flask which I drew out of my pocket containing water. You can just imagine how they pulled my leg over that!
The person at my side was keen to tell me more about their work. They had trained as osteopaths, and were all keen about their profession. I learnt a great deal about how they operate, and quite incidentally a great deal about the way in which the human body works as well.
As they were about to leave the train, one of them asked me what my profession was.
‘A retired clergyman, a Methodist minister,’ was my reply.
‘Perhaps you might say a special word to ‘the One Above’ that we might back the right horses.’ Said one of them
I replied that I would think about it!
I’m not a betting man, but I imagined myself going to a race course, and if there was a horse called ‘Common Good ’I might be tempted to bet on it.
Seriously though, I do believe that in the forthcoming EU referendum, we need to bear in mind the ‘common good.’ We should be concerned about praying for a kingdom which has the concerns of all kinds of needy people at heart. How well off most of us really are.
With all good wishes,
Yours sincerely,

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