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July Letter

Dear everyone,
There are times when we can all feel ‘under the weather.’
It might be created by the actual state of the weather-long periods of rain, coldness, or simply cloudy skies. I suspect that as we get older we are more easily affected in this way.
For others, it might be trends in national life, and contemporary political emphases which we feel are going in the wrong direction. Or it might be changes in personal health, relationships and circumstances. All these things and many others may make us feel low spirited at times, and lacking in motivation.
Prayer and our faith can help us along the way, and at some point, often does, but it is not always as simple as that. We often have to act positively even if we do not feel’ rock sure’ of the direction which we are going.
In difficult times it is important to plant ‘seeds of hope.’
We may not always see the results of what we plant immediately, but we are called upon to go adventurously forward- believing that as Paul reminds us in his letter to the Galatians ‘as we sow, so we will reap.’
At the Methodist conference held last week, those of us present were given a wristband to wear, with these words on it. ‘Do justice, love, kindness, walk humbly’ with our God. These are words which we could well take to heart as we sow ‘seeds of hope. ‘
Right attitudes of mind are so important for us all if we are to take an active, useful, part in the communities, the world in which we live, and caring for our neighbours too.
With all good wishes,

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