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September letter

Dear everyone

In the Methodist Church  our new year begins in September when ministers who are moving, begin work in their new appointments
It also marks the beginning of the President of the Methodist Conference’s year of office. The Revd.Dr.Roger Walton, who is this year’s president has asked us as a church to consider the importance of living out a ‘holy’ life.
What does this really mean?
First of all, we have to remember what it doesn’t mean!
It isn’t about what we look like from ‘the outside,’ but what we are like from the inside. Jesus had some of his strongest words of condemnation against those who outwardly made a great show of religious observances, but inwardly they were full of deceit. He described such people as whitened sepulchres!
Holiness is about becoming better people
In order to improve, we have to take care that ‘our left hand does not know what our right hand is doing.’ In other words, we should do nothing for effect, but rather we should desire to do all things for the right reasons.
This is not easy. We cannot do it in isolation. John Wesley once said ‘The gospel of Christ knows of no religion, but social; no holiness but social holiness’. In order to become better people we have to listen to and work with those round about us. From a Christian viewpoint we also have to be dependent upon the grace of God, learn from holy Scripture, and the good examples of others.
Holiness, in practical terms for all of us, I believe, is about seeking integrity in our lives. It is an important ingredient for the well-being of society. May we all seek after holiness: it is an extremely important factor in making the world a far happier place, in which we play our part.
With all good wishes,
Sincerely, David

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