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October letter

Dear everyone
When I became a supernumerary (a sort of ‘retired’!) Minister, I wrote in my diary that I would try to strengthen an additional kind of prayer that has meant a great deal to me over most of my lifetime-‘Prayer at 12.’
I have tried whenever I can to spend a few moments at mid-day to remember a few people in urgent need of prayer, the needs of some urgent situation-personally, locally, or in the wider world; and also to give thanks to God for all that has been received by myself and others.
Prayer can be a great venture in faith and it is a ‘ministry’ that everyone can share in; but the way we pray can vary as much as our faces do.
When someone goes to hospital, for example, we might say ‘I wish you well,’ ‘I’ll be thinking about you’, ‘I will remember you in my prayers’, or simply, ‘I will pray for you.’ Our word of encouragement will reflect the way in which we, or the people we are remembering, think about prayer.
Prayer can be a very positive experience. It can take the form of meditation, ‘entering into silence,’ or attempting to put our prayer requests into words. For some it takes a very private form at all times, for others the frequent sharing of prayer together corporately inspires them on their way.
When we believe in God, we are by faith entering into a new dimension towards life and existence, especially through prayer. The prophet Isaiah, speaking of God’s relationship to us, says. ‘my thoughts are not your thoughts. Neither are my ways your ways.’ There are times when we all need lifting out of our own thoughts, in order to discover that which is beyond our present understanding!
I would like to encourage all who would find this form of prayer helpful to join in- even just from time to time, and as circumstances permit. All are welcome!
With all good wishes, sincerely,

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