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November letter

Dear everyone.
A book that I enjoyed reading earlier in my retirement studies, is titled ‘From ageing to Sage-ing.’ It is written by a Jewish rabbi, Zalman Schachter-Shalomi, and in it he ‘gives ways to use our life experiences to nurture, heal, and perhaps save both the younger generation and this world.’
This ambitious book reminds us that in many former generations and civilisations, older people were valued for the wisdom that they could teach to the young. At the present time, there have been such rapid advances in science, technology, and particularly communication, that many older people feel that they have lost their role in society, and we need to recover ways of listening to what older people have to say.
This could be true, but one thing is certain: when older people start laying down the law as to how younger people should act, they are not listened to, and it soon becomes obvious that they have a lot to learn about present-day life themselves!
Last Christmas, my family bought me a ‘tablet’. It’s really great at sending and taking photographs, watching programmes on television that I’ve missed, and sending messages by email and such things as twitter: but there is one snag for many older people.If you have a problem in using it, who is going to help you to sort it out? It is more than likely to be a youngster who has been brought up in the computing age.
Scripture tells us that even ‘out of the mouths of babes’ as it were, wisdom and ‘know how.’ can come. Jesus himself recognised that children have very significant place in providing examples for older people of good living.
May all of us learn to be good ‘sages’, by remembering that we all have to continue learning-even and perhaps especially, from those much younger than ourselves.
All good wishes and,

Every blessing,David.

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