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January letter

Dear everyone.
By nature, I tend to be an optimist, but there are sometimes when we all wonder how things are really going. My weeks leading up to Christmas were a bit like that. Two days before Christmas Day I had to go for my check-up after my op’. The consultant was pleased to report that it had been completely successful, and that I was now able to drive again. All this news was a really good Christmas present!
When we are going through difficult days, many people remind us that attitudes of mind can have a great effect on how we feel. They will remind us of the need to get out and relate to people, to keep our interests going, accept any opportunities that come our way, and avoid situations where we may be tempted to brood on our own.
‘Be positive,’ is the advice given. And it’s good advice; but it does it go far enough? Being positive, requires that we do positive things, and not just think about them!
It is right that we should not habitually make rash and rushed decisions; but procrastination needs to be avoided too. We cannot stand idly by. Jesus says. ‘Seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened.’ I believe that he meant this in a very practical way, as well as what you might describe as a ‘spiritual’ one. Whatever situation we are in, we should always be gently and even prayerfully exploring-seeking out information and support that will help us on our way, and in the process, help others as well. In this way, we will serve God in his world, our neighbours, and the whole of humanity in its wider needs.
Can I suggest that we adopt a simple motto for the New Year-‘Seek, and you will find.?’
We may not always find exactly that we think we want, but we may well find something better than we anticipated as we explore life, and its meaning, which brings about peace and contentment, positive about the situations that we face, and help others in their decision-making too..
With these thoughts in mind-I would like to wish you-
Every good wish for a very happy New Year.
PS.Thanks too for all messages, cards and prayer support. It has been greatly appreciated.

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