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February letter

Dear everyone
This week my central heating has not being working. Try as I may, I find the instructions difficult to follow. I await a visit from the gas engineer to explain things to me.
Technology often demands instant attention, and our own priorities get pushed on one side. Sometimes in computing we can achieve a lot very quickly, but it rarely leaves us without some new problems to face and new procedures to follow. If we fail to grasp the meaning of some important phrase in the instructions, we may find ourselves spending hours trying to do a simple task.
In the world, too there is always change. We feel great dangers in it at the present time because of movements and organisations with ruthless intentions. Issues of justice and tolerance call for our urgent attention and prayers. May the day quickly come when we can sail into calmer waters!
How do we stay calm when so many things are sent to try us? Do we feel harassed in our personal circumstances, or troubled by what is going on in the world?
A well-known prayer written by the theologian Reinhold Niebuhr reads.
‘God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference.’

However, even in the things that we cannot change personally, we must be willing to speak out in support of those who can.

With all good wishes,
Yours sincerely,

PS. The gas engineer did come, and a personal explanation has made all the difference. It’s now working fine!

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