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March letter

Dear everyone.
Ash Wednesday, yesterday, the beginning of Lent, was a significant day for me in an unexpected way. My home had a spring clean.’ I do have some excellent help for a few hours on a fortnightly basis for many household chores, and this helps me along tremendously, but living on my own for the last three years has led to some areas of significant neglect on my part, and it’s good to see the whole house looking in pristine condition.
In some ways, Lent, is a bit like a spring clean. It is a time of year when we should set about doing some ‘tidying up’ in our lives, getting rid of excess baggage that has collected over the years in our lives, a sort of ‘pruning down’ process in order to help us live more wisely, efficiently and fruitfully.
There is a value in having some concrete objectives during Lent-some actual things that we do to improve our lifestyle in the best sense of the word. Giving up sweets, alcohol, smoking, rich fatty foods, even fasting may well help us to live much healthier, even longer lives; but there is always a much more fundamental question that we have to consider as Jesus did: what are we living for?
Basically from a Christian point of view, we are called upon to ‘to love the Lord our God’ in every aspect of our lives, and to ‘love our neighbours as ourselves.’
In other words, for all of us, whatever our outlook may be, we should be living for some worthwhile purpose. Our responses may be very different, but Lent presents a challenge to all.
May we make a good ‘spring clean’ in our lives at this time of the year, making sure that we do those things that matter most, this might include all kinds of unexpected things!
Every blessing,

For Lent thoughts on ‘What are we living for?’ visit https://davidmonkton.wordpress.com/lent17/

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