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April letter

Dear everyone,
Earlier this week. It was my privilege to take Holy Communion at two residential dementia care homes. We had been unable to take the service due to various members of the small team, including myself, needing hospital care. The last time we went was ten months ago
After such a long absence. I felt quite nervous as to how everything would go; but, apart from two minor hitches, all went well, and we all felt elated.
Because of our long absence I must admit that I had been wondering whether we should give up this kind of Ministry, but the very fact of being there assured us that it was the right thing to carry on, and the residents who took part appreciated our visit.
However it raises the question. ‘When should we give up doing things?’ Scripture says, ‘never grow tired of doing good.’ In other words, as long as we have cognitive skills to do things for others and with others, we should. Our ‘old friend’ John Wesley says ‘do all the good you can… As long as ever you can.’
We may need to take more time to get things done as we get older. (and even when we are not so old!), but perseverance is a quality we should never neglect and cultivate at all times.
May the message of Easter inspire us to find new life, perseverance, and inspiration in all things that we do.
Every blessing,

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