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June letter

Dear everyone.
I recently sent a twitter, which said ‘we need to love widely’, to do this is ‘to do justly, love, kindness, and walk humbly with your God’. The First response (‘like’)to this twitter was from the president of our Methodist conference, another came from one of our police officers responsible for ‘social cohesion’ in a part of our city which is extremely multiracial. The officer is a member of a different faith from my own!
Learning how to ‘love widely’ is crucial in rapidly changing times. All of us are being challenged to move on from where we were in our thoughts and actions, not least about our national life. I believe that if we do not ’love widely’ we rapidly become a backwater in the world.
‘To love widely’, however, does mean that we have to seek out justice in the world for everybody. We need to be compassionate and kind to all kinds of people, and learn how to ‘walk humbly with our God’. The person who first wrote these words was the Hebrew prophet Micah who lived several centuries before Christ, but he still has a very clear message for us today. Faiths are expressed in many different ways. How important it is that we walk humbly along the way we are convinced is the right way to follow.
We are facing many violent situations at the present time. Terrorism creates fear, but it can never put right anything that is evil in the world… But seeking the right things, and loving our neighbour’s as ourselves, in other words, being truly compassionate, kind and fair, is a surer way, and the only way eventually to bring about peace and happiness for all people’s.
Sincerely, David
Apologies for the long delay in sending this letter due to computer problems. At present the victims of terrorism and the terrible fire in the Grenfell Tower block are bound to be in our thoughts and prayers. We also remember those who are so valiantly helping.

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