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July letter

July letter.
Dear Everyone
Recently I was in St Albans to take the Church Anniversary at Marlborough Road Methodist Church, the last appointment I was at twenty years ago, before retiring as a Minister in pastoral charge of churches. It was great to meet again with a great number of friends in the congregation , many of whom I had not seen for a very long time.

I was wondering how I would get on. Whether I would recognise everyone, remember names, or whether they would think I looked and reacted very differently. To my great relief and delight, although at times, my response was rather slow, I remembered pretty well, everyone there that I knew and there was a great sense of rapport.

I suspect that the older we are, time goes more quickly. Twenty years seemed only as if it were yesterday.
How do we cope with the passing of time? For some, reminiscing has a useful purpose. There is a value in being thankful for the past because it always has a lot to teach us; and it is rather interesting to note that a few people whom we may have found difficult to relate to in the past we now see them in a different light. Ageing can often give us a deeper understanding and therefore a deeper sympathy with people who may have a very different outlook from our own.
We all have to learn how to value the past whatever age we are, as well as valuing the present. ‘Living in hope’ with a robust pro- active faith, explored gently and with compassion, I believe, is important. We all need to live with wider dimensions to our lives than just our own needs, and discover ‘eternal values.’ This is what true religion is all about.
If we are to’ have life, and have it more abundantly’ as Jesus said, we will need to put aside some time when we rest from our activities and consider what our lives are for.

Even just a few extra minutes every day in prayer and reflection can make a great difference!
With all good wishes, and every blessing,


PS. Apologies for not replying as yet to several emails. They are much appreciated.
(Still remembering the victims of terrorism and all who have suffered extreme losses of loved ones from fires, both due to human neglect of safety, and natural disasters.)


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