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August letter

August letter.

Dear everyone,

This morning when it was time to get up, I didn’t feel like ‘getting going’ at all. I looked at my smartphone and found a message from a gerontological magazine which said ‘don’t forget to submit an article on neurological disorders!’  I have never submitted an article to such a magazine but I felt   in a strange sort of way it was saying something to me. Lack of motivation might well be described as a neurological disorder!

All kinds of factors in our lives can create a doldrums period, but then quite unexpectedly other things come along, sometimes other people, who play their part in helping us to make progress from our indecisive states of mind.

Needing to get on with my monthly letter, I suddenly felt that this smartphone message was giving me inspiration. and my mind turned to St Paul’s letter to the Romans where he says ‘the righteous shall live by faith.’

These words of St Paul have a strong religious significance, they remind Christians and others who believe in God that a person trying to live a good life has to live ‘by faith.’ Faith of many different kinds and in many different things is needed to give us the motivation to live out our lives in worthwhile directions

All of us have days, when we have moments of uncertainty about the direction in which we should travel, but when it comes to the point, we have to take steps in faith. How Important it is that we do.

May today be one of those days when we ‘boldly go forward’ or even ‘timidly go forward.’  May this happen frequently so that there may be a true sense of purposefulness in the things that we do. We might in the process well help motivate others to go forward in faith as well as ourselves.

With every blessing,



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